Leverett Community Preservation Committee Nixes Funds For Artificial Turf Field


Installing synthetic turf. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Leverett Community Preservation Committee (CPC) voted unanimously on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 against the Regional School District’s CPA funding request of $101,400 for the high school track and field project, citing artificial turf as the reason for their decision.

The committee expressed support for improving the track and athletic field. However, they noted that the request before them was for a plan that specified the inclusion of artificial turf. Higher costs, environmental impact, a lack of clarity about the details of the final project, and the prohibition against the use of CPA funds for artificial turf all played a role in their decision-making. They discussed the possibility of a vote to allow the funding contingent upon the exclusion of artificial turf but ultimately felt that they had to rule on the request as presented.

This is the second CPC that has denied funding for the project because of the inclusion of artificial turf, Pelham having done so in December 2022. Both the Amherst and Pelham Boards of Health also issued advisories against the installation of artificial turf in late 2022.

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