The Indy By The Numbers: Most-Read In 2021

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Here’s a summary of our most-read articles by category for 2021


  1. Boards Weigh In On Designs For Garcia’s Restaurant And Pomeroy Lane Intersection by Hilda Greenbaum
  2. Updated: Lawsuit Over Wrongfully Disqualified Signatures Filed In Supreme Judicial Court by Art Keene
  3. Amherst Residents Seek Referendum On Borrowing For Jones Library Expansion by Art Keene
  4. Board Of Registrars Takes No Action On Appeal Of Signature Disqualifications. Hearing Continued To Monday by Art Keene
  5. Major Discrepancies Emerge In Library Project Timeline by Toni Cunningham
  6. Committees Formed For And Against Jones Library Project by Art Keene
  7. Town Disqualifies More Than One In Five Signatures On Library Borrowing Petition. Voter Rights Case Pending In Hampshire Superior Court by Amherst Indy
  8. Additional Ballots To Be Counted by Art Keene
  9. Tempers Flare Over Calls For CRC To Provide Data And Analysis by Kitty Axelson-Berry
  10. Town Attorney Caught On Hot Mic In Strategy Meeting To Subvert Appeal On Jones Petition Signatures. Petitioners Move For Her Exclusion For Conflict of Interest by Art Keene
  11. Jones Library Trustees Vote To Support Rezoning The “CVS Lot” For A Parking Garage by Terry S. Johnson
  12. Building Plan Would Squeeze Budgets And Force Staff Cuts by Toni Cunningham
  13. Calling The Question: Town Council Considers New Rules To Cut Off Debate by Maura Keene
  14. School Committee Plan To Open Buildings In February Draws Objections From Teachers’ Union by Marla Goldberg-Jamate
  15. The Eruptor Project Moves Forward In North Amherst by Amherst Indy
    Teachers’ Union Officials & School Committee Meet After Long Impasse In Attempt to Rebuild Working Relationship by Marla Goldberg-Jamate

1. Opinion: The Balance Of Power On The Town Council. Reflections By A Soon-To-Be-Former Councilor On How This Town Council Fails to Meet The Promises Of The Charter, Democracy, Transparency, And Public Participation. (#4) by Darcy DuMont
2.Letter: Petitioners Represent Tyranny Of The Minority by Matt Blumenfeld
3. Opinion: The Toxic Politics of Amherst Forward by Art Keene
4.. Letter: Appreciation For Educators And Community by. Sheliah Jones
5. Opinion: Amherst Forward Presumes To Speak For BIPOC People While Simultaneously Silencing And Oppressing Those Voices by Ellisha Walker
6. Opinion: Defund 413 Condemns Councilors Hanneke, Steinberg, Ross, and Ryan For Their Failure To Support Racial Justice by Allegra Clark and Defund 413
7. Opinion: Reflections By A Soon To Be Former Councilor On How This Town Council Fails To Meet The Promises Of The Charter, Democracy, Transparency, And Public Participation (#2) by Darcy DuMont
8. Letter: Some Amherst Neighborhoods Are Experiencing Gentrification In Reverse by John Varner
9. Letter:  The Attached Image Shows How Proposed Garage Would Overpower Buildings On North Prospect Street by Suzannah Muspratt
10. Letter: Jones Library Renovation Offers Sustainable Design by Sara Draper
11. Letter: Zero Waste Amherst Is Exploring Hauler Reform As A Path Towards a Greener Amherst by Christina Platt
12. Opinion: Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf by Russ Vernon-Jones
13. Opinion: Why I’m A NO Vote On The Jones by Deborah Neubauer
14. Opinion: The Jones Library Expansion Is Not A Social Justice Project by Art Keene
15. Opinion: Why I Will Vote No On The Library Referendum by Michael Greenebaum

1.Almanac: Black Squirrels by Stephen Braun
2. A Primer On Juneteenth by Amilcar Shabazz
3. Issues & Analyses: Economics In A Small College Town by Gerald Friedman and Maral Asik
4. Almanac: Fungi Riot by Stephen Braun
5. Got Invasive Jumping Worms In Your Garden? UMass Extension Has Solutions by Amherst Indy
6. Photo Of The Week: In The Shadow Of Tall Buildings By Kitty Axelson-Berry And Cathy Schoen
7. Issues & Analyses: How To Protect The Historic Resources Of North Pleasant Street by Suzannah Muspratt
8. Issues & Analyses: Becoming Human. A New Column About Hope And Possibility by Boone Shear
9. Bear Sightings On Dennis Drive by Art Keene
10. Speak Up! Should North Prospect Lot Be Rezoned To Permit Parking Garage? by Jeff Lee
11. Juvenescence: In Response To Pandemic Lockdown, Area Youth Start Businesses by Annalise Peterson
12. A Few Questions For Fire Fighter Nick Chirekos by Kitty Axelson-Berry
13. Culture Club: The Problem with Zappa by William Kaizen
14. Off The Cuff: Verbatim by Hilda Greenbaum
15. Speak Up! School Ranked Top Priority In Building Project Survey; Fire Station, DPW And Library Follow by Jeff Lee

Readership Numbers

Our 30 days of highest readership in 2021 ran from October 5-November 5 when we recorded 40,077 page views over 15,728 unique sessions for an average of just over 10,000 page view/sweek.

Our 30 days of lowest readership in 2021 was July 29 to August 27 when we recorded 14,216 page views over 7,265 unique sessions for a weekly average of 3531 page views/week.

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